A Roman Singer Francis Marion Crawford

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244 pages


A Roman Singer  by  Francis Marion Crawford

A Roman Singer by Francis Marion Crawford
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I couldnt wait to finish this because I wanted to know what would happen, but at the same time I savored it and have taken all of four days to finish it.Sadly I left this too long to write a good review. But I will try my best. This was the perfect grownup fairytale, set in Italy and with an ugly hero who has the voice of an angel. He has absolutely no interest in anything but his music, and his family. Then one day he sees the most beautiful young girl, she is a foreigner with golden curls and big blue eyes and an icy cold demeanor. He begs his music teacher (who also teaches her music), to help him get a position as her Italian instructor, just so he can see her.Her over controlling father sentences her to a far off castle, in an unknown place well away from the hero.

What follows is an amazing attempted rescue, a madman and an arranged marriage. Beautiful, I loved this book ever so much.Quick note: Did you know, one of my favorite parts in this book, really happened. It was derived from F.M.Cs travels in Italy. It was in an inn with a dead man in the room next to the heros father figure, the innkeeper felt that for the dead to rest peacefully he had to have someone from outside the village keep vigil.Bottom Line: I loved this book so much that it wont be long before I read another F.M.

Crawford.G I dont recall any swears, violence or anything else to cause disgruntlement.

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