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A Tale of Sound & Fury  by  Dennis Price

A Tale of Sound & Fury by Dennis Price
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Dennis Price has long enjoyed a reputation as an expert on Stonehenge, the world’s most enigmatic prehistoric monument, on account of the prolific investigations on his Eternal Idol site. In 2009, he followed this up with The Missing Years of Jesus, a groundbreaking study of William Blake’s poem ‘Jerusalem’, which suggested that Christ once visited Britain. As a result of his insightful and eloquent observations on these mysterious matters, Dennis has appeared in the worldwide media for years, while he’s also frequently asked to make personal appearances.Before this, Dennis won a scholarship in 1971 to Monmouth School, where he was introduced to the world of classical studies and ancient history, subjects that continue to fire his imagination to this day.

Many of his contemporaries followed the traditional route that took them to university, then to the high firmaments of the British Establishment, but in 1977, Dennis got off the boat. He split from the whole programme and began exploring lonely trails that led far from the outposts of civilisation, following these tracks out into the Wasteland that lay beyond and sometimes creating paths of his own.“A Tale of Sound & Fury” is a partial journal of Dennis’s own ‘missing years’ after he left school, embarking on two turbulent decades as someone who was captivated by the accounts of the 18th century Hell Fire Club, and who then went on to work as an archaeologist, a singer/songwriter, a travelling knight, a performer, a poet and a writer, to name just a few of his unusual occupations.

We read tales of his time as part of the cast of The Crystal Maze, of visits to fearsome locations where ghosts and vampires were said to roam and of uproarious parties with bikers, rock bands and knights.The book also contains a lengthy, detailed account of the bizarre circumstances that led to his intimate acquaintance with the search for Suzy Lamplugh, the estate agent who went missing from London in the summer of 1986, as well as a previously published, 7,000 word interview with his friend Captain Robert Fore, concerning this heroic man’s experiences during his 1981 rescue of the crew of the Primrose from North Sentinel Island, one of the most dangerous and remote locations on Earth.

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