Youth Interrupted: fantasy/suspense/young/old adults James G DAlessandro


Published: May 6th 2011

Kindle Edition

473 pages


Youth Interrupted: fantasy/suspense/young/old adults  by  James G DAlessandro

Youth Interrupted: fantasy/suspense/young/old adults by James G DAlessandro
May 6th 2011 | Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, AUDIO, mp3, ZIP | 473 pages | ISBN: | 5.38 Mb

Romance, fantasy/surspense, time travel twister and its astory with Songs--andits an Epic story 475 pages at 0.99 cents a good deal huh?Brooklyn teenagers, Tony and Maryann, have been in love since they were five years old. But how they come toMoreRomance, fantasy/surspense, time travel twister and its a story with Songs --andits an Epic story 475 pages at 0.99 cents a good deal huh?Brooklyn teenagers, Tony and Maryann, have been in love since they were five years old.

But how they come to the realization that their friendship is over five thousand years old will determine if they can trust one another, who they really are to one another, and who is responsible for the magical powers they possess.I offer here - the full Prologue: But first -One more word about, Youth Interrupted It will be:A mover of TIME itself, that will offer a contradiction and randomness of data, a new reality created by the integration of reality and dream, of the rational and irrational. In addition: And will answer the question all loving couples fear - How do you make love last forever?This among many aspects to this story - its about friendship -Good Friends, good Buddies, Lifelong mentors.Its hard to pinpoint just what may kickoff a life-long friendship, but we learn later on, that its never what is said, but rather what we do, and the way we do it - that speaks from the heart.As you will joyfully experience, Youth Interrupted, has the pure and truemagic that stems from that special tool called our imagination.

And of courseit was the hard work of four years. However, thanks to MS Theresa Hummer,for her sharp pencil and keen eye, this magical story now is blessed with heradded wisdom for the academics in story telling. She has sensitivity, shesdedicated, and she takes pride.There will always be many people who will touch our lives, as we journeyour way, they may arouse, an idea, offer encouragement to seek the paths wemay or may not walk.

They may be our closest friends, family or perhapspeople we may never meet.I felt it essential to credit those people who are in public life. Names like:Frank Sinatra, Allen Freed, Buddy Holly, The Skyliners, Elvis Presley, GeorgeBurns, Harry James, Benny Goodmen, Artie Shaw, Including Dr. Robert H.Schuller and Norman Vincent Peale for their teachings of Positive thinking.I thank them all for filling in the Heartbeat of my pages.~ JGDHERE NOW ARE A Sneak peek at this fun Sage:THE Prologue:AN ENTRANCE BEYONDTHE IMPOSSIBLEOf course when a dream becomes so frightening, to escape its falseIllusions, you simply awaken.

But what if you were not sleeping?A Walk Through an AbstractIn the brutal summer heat of August 1957, Tony DVita and MaryannVergona, had walked alone together across the sandy shores of SunkenMeadows, Long Island N.Y. It was the first time they had been alone together,and it was the first time Maryann would have Tonys complete attention.After all-Maryann thought-Ive known and loved this sweet and handsomeboy since we were only five years old.

Now, at thirteen, maybe this is the dayhe would finally see her heart.Sure that kind of notion may seem silly to others, especially adults. Andwhat do children know about such things? Granted, but somehow Maryannjust always knew that something was waiting. Something was soon comingto call on their hearts. Something wonderful. Or, something unthinkable.She worried.Perhaps it was just her dream, yet something frightened her. Althoughshe knew in her heart Tony DVita loved her, they were always together.

Andas always, he would protect her. Of course he loved her. Maryann, thoughtbitterly-only it wasnt a brotherly love that she had yearned for.

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