The Peacekeeper Jacqueline Druga-Marchetti

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The Peacekeeper  by  Jacqueline Druga-Marchetti

The Peacekeeper by Jacqueline Druga-Marchetti
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Raising four boys alone is not an easy task as it is, but when they are the Slagel boys, things always are extreme. Joe Slagel tries, he really does. He works hard at his job, provides a stable home environment with lots of love and just the right amount of discipline. But Joe Slagel also provides his sons with something else, disposable stepmothers. Joe never intends for them to be disposable, however, the mischievous doings of his four children make it impossible for him to keep a wife, and them a stepmother, for very long. Boy will be boys, but the Slagel boys go beyond that.

And when the final straw is snapped and the fifth stepmother packs up and leaves without notice, Joe realizes it is time to bring in a professional.Tough, strong, tender, not afraid to run a tight ship, and equipped with the ability to not easily be frightened. Those were the qualifications Joe sought, not for a new wife, but for someone to handle his sons.

In comes Sergeant Ethel Pletcher. Not only does she tower over the boys in size, but her huge heart takes over the house and their lives as well. Sgt. Pletcher proves that the Slagel boys arent really all that bad, they just need someone that understands them, and at times, a peacekeeper.

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